Which is More Important: Diet or Exercise?

Especially when it comes to weight loss, most of us wonder which is more important between diet and exercise. This is particularly true when you are trying to decide between which one to focus on more intensely in order to lose weight or obtain other benefits that one or the other offers.

You often hear people repeating the advice that the key to fitness and long living is to aim to achieve a balance of proper diet and regular exercise. So that leads us to the question: Which one is indeed more important: diet or exercise? While there is no easy answer to this question, it is worth pointing out the benefits of each one alone and the advantages that they present when coupled together into a balanced lifestyle.

Proper Diet has Many Benefits

Looking good and living long are not the only benefits of good nutrition. Your well-being daily is impacted by what you consume (and what you do not consume). There are negative effects associated with too much consumption of foods and drinks that are bad for you, and positive effects of getting a healthy dose of those that are good.

In considering whether diet is paramount to exercise, one must consider the fact that diet impacts the ability an individual has to exercise. When poor diet is not resolved, the motivation and physical ability to be active is diminished.

Furthermore, the health risks posed on many systems in the body that poor diet creates also impact one’s ability to safely exercise. Therefore, a healthy diet is a step towards health, fitness and well-being that cannot be overlooked.

Regular Exercise also has Numerous Advantages

One of the first types of exercise many trainers will recommend is called “cardio.” This is short for cardiovascular, which is the system in the body that pertains to the heart and also your blood vessels. Your heart health is impacted by diet but it is also kept in good shape by regular cardio workouts. These must be done with caution and for certain health conditions only with the consent of a qualified physician.

A regimen of physical activity has advantages that diet alone cannot bring about. On the other hand, exercise alone will not result in much weight loss if your diet is not in check. And although exercise is good for your health, it is best paired with exercise.

Food does not easily burn calories on its own, though certain foods may. Thus, one of the advantages that exercise has over dietary changes is the fact that it does in fact burn calories –particular very active exercise like cardio and certain other types.

Bottom Line: Diet and Exercise are Equally Important

If you wish to lose weight, feel and look great, and live a long and healthy life, the truth is that you need both diet and exercise to accomplish this goal. The combination of the two has results that work in concert which cannot be achieved by either on its own.

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