Tips for Health Toilets

When considering making a home more hygienic or disability-friendly, the toilet is often neglected. While considerations are sometimes made for how easy it is to reach the toilet, being able to clean oneself thoroughly, hygienically and without pain is not often thought of. Bidet toilet seats, which use gentle water sprays instead of toilet paper, are a simple solution.

Bidet toilet seats are easier to use then traditional toilets and more hygienic. Toilet paper can often spread bacteria around instead of thoroughly cleaning, put the user at risk for getting bacteria on his or her hands, can be difficult to use for those with trouble reaching and can be irritating to delicate areas. Bidets eliminate the need for toilet paper entirely. The sprays clean more thoroughly than toilet paper with no need for reaching. Not only is using a bidet easier, it also decreases the risk of urinary tract infections and soothes irritated areas.

Bidets come in a variety of price ranges with many options. If you are looking to buy a bidet, consider these tips to narrow down your choices.

• Decide on a budget beforehand.

The cheapest bidets only cost around $70 while the most expensive can cost up to $600. The simplest models fit under your existing toilet seat while more complicated models are designed to replace your existing seat. While you are not always sacrificing quality if you choose a less expensive bidet, there are many more options in the mid to high price range. Most electric models will cost at least $200 dollars.

• Choose a bidet with a water warmer.

Not only will the warm water feel more comfortable, it can be soothing on hemorrhoids and for genital discomfort.

• A bidet that includes a dryer eliminates all need of reaching back.

For the elderly and disabled, a full-featured bidet that dries after it washes can eliminate the discomfort of having to reach back themselves or suffer the embarrassment of a bathroom attendant.

• If you suffer from constipation, consider a bidet with an enema feature.

Bidets with an enema feature over a more thorough cleaning. The warm water spray is strong enough to clean the rectum and lower bowel, loosening and cleaning out hardened material.

• Not all bidets require electricity.

If outlets are unavailable, the simplest, cheapest bidet models require no electricity. While they cannot warm the spray water, they will still have effective, hygienic sprays.

• Keep in mind that small children will need supervision.

While children can be potty trained on bidets, it is still a good idea to supervise young children the first few times they use a bidet to make sure they use it properly.

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